The Liverpool manager says: ”We will do better from our experience, through the crisis the club had”

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Jurgen Klopp has admitted to the fact that Liverpool were in “crisis” this season but they have come through it and will be better in the future as a result.

He says: ”It has guided them through it with a seven-game run watch Liverpool vs Brentford on Saturday Night Football. The Reds were challenging for the fourth time last season, yet they’ve never been close to a trophy this term which made them be dropped out of the EFL Cup and FA Cup in the fourth round before losing in the Champions League last 16 season. Liverpool’s hopes of finishing in the Premier League’s top four are also slim. nevertheless, they are still alive, thanks to a seven-game unbeaten run, including five wins, which has given them turn a corner ahead of Saturday’s meeting with Brentford.

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He also said: “It was a difficult season for us, on his interview, Klopp told Sky Sports: “Of course, we all feel better now after winning a few games, it’s the biggest mood changer in the world of football.

He continues: “I’m still looking forward to a new season, that’s true, that hasn’t changed. We have the information we wanted, how the boys go through situations like that. You can always take something out of difficult periods and that’s what we did.

“The way you behave in a crisis defines what you will be after the crisis. I thought we went through okay, nothing between me and the players, the club, nothing. We knew we are responsible for it but we have to solve it together.

“The main difference here is in a lot of other clubs, the manager would have been sent away. That’s not cool but on the other hand, you don’t have to go through it for that long!

“We’re happy we went through it so now we’re on the other side of the tunnel and now we have to keep going to get something out of this season.”

Liverpool’s pre-season was on the back of a gruelling 63-game campaign which was then followed by a series of injuries.

The team’s midfield was a crucial aspect of their past success, has not functioned in the same fashion, while the departure of Mane has been felt due to a serious injury to his direct replacement Diaz.

Klopp has the belief that his calm approach away from the line has helped the club get back on the right move.

“I make mistakes it’s clear. In football, I know after 90 minutes most of the time if my line-up was right if that decision was right,” he said. “Everyone knows after 90 minutes but the difference is the people don’t know the reasons for why I made my decisions. As long as I’m fine with that, it’s okay.

“Of course, you question pretty much everything. That’s very important in lesser-good times that you question the right things. That’s a completely normal human thing. People go out there and say, ‘We have to change this and that, and last year in pre-season it was that, and we cannot do that anymore’.

“Wait, wait we did that two years ago in pre-season, it’s not about that, there are other reasons for our bad spell and I’m pretty good at that because I stay calm. I know it’s not funny when you see me on the touchline, I get that, but left and right of the games, I’m a pretty calm and thoughtful person. I learned early to deal with setbacks, difficult moments in life and football.”