Leverkusen has retained Xhaka interest

I still remain interested in signing Arsenal’s Granit Xhaka. Leverkusen says

News coming in another way, a transfer is thought to be more likely the next summer, when his current Arsenal deal runs out.

According to Sky in Germany, Bayer can in principle imagine signing the player next summer player. The club still want a leader in midfield. 

Xhaka was previously Arsenal club captain and although that is now Martin, he has skipped the team in Europa League this season. Xhaka can imagine a Bundesliga return, according to Sky Germany, and has told fellow players about the idea.

Bayer, twice came close to signing Xhaka before, most recently last summer.

The Switzerland captain has resurrected his Arsenal career under Mikel, however, he’s now a team fundamental that is competing this year for the Premier League title.

Xhaka’s agency and Bayer have been silent according to the Sky in Germany’s requests.

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