BEST SPORTS: Chelsea vs Man United live…Women’s FA Final Cup.

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A lot of people have given their opinion based on the match between Man United women and Chelsea Women. Given that the game ended 1-0, it was a fact that Chelsea made a winning over Man United. these are the comments given by people who gave their opinions.

“Last roll of the dice for Man Utd. They have been overpowered in the second half, but it only takes one goal to send this to extra time…”

90: Six added as Russo flicks Zelem’s cross towards the path of Williams but she can’t make use of it. Will there be one more big chance for the team from Manchester?

James is withdrawn – she makes her way over to the dugout as slowly as possible. Buchanan is on. Defender for a forward – Emma Hayes feels as if the game is won. Now is about staying tight, compact and defensively sound. 

Russo’s miss kick is nearly pounced on by Williams after Batlle skips around Kerr on the far side touchline, but Mjelde is eventually there to hack the ball away. United haven’t made much of a contest of this second period, but that was a real sighter. Had to at least test Berger.